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Program Compatibility Check - Setup Instructions

Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 Users please follow these instructions for compatibility settings, click here.

Full Installation Program for Existing, New and Trial Users

PTP Retail Manager™ 2.16 Software - PTPRetailManager2R16.exe - 95.4MB
Full Installation.  For new PTP Retail Manager™ installations, including trial users.

Upgrade Patch

PTP Retail Manager™ 2.16 Upgrade Patch - PTPRMUpgrade2R16.exe - 39.9MB - Upgrade Only.  Install on each computer with any previous version of Price tag Pro already installed.


PTP Retail Manager™ User's Guide 2.4 - PtP-UsersGuide_2.4.pdf - 2.21MB
PTP Retail Manager™ Network Guide 2.0 - PtP-UsersGuide_2.4.pdf - 1MB
PTP Retail Manager™ Image Library - Product Image Library page




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